I’m a deep thinker and maker who enjoys translating ideas and stories through the craft of design and art.  

- Design -

Creative Approach

With an interest in thinking, doing and making, coupled with a highly developed skill set across a variety of disciplines, I approach design with a foundation of function and strategic rationale, developing creative ideas that translate into visual, user-centered solutions. For more on my design background see my LinkedIn profile.

- ART -

About my work

I interweave elements of abstract structure, design and pattern, both organic and geometric, to create work that floats somewhere between the natural world and an imagined realm. Drawing inspiration from rock formations, astronomy, space and patterns found in nature, I use a mix of materials (watercolour, gouache, pencil and pen) to create texture, detail and subtle movement. This results in works that are both impulsive and calculated, yet echo a calmness that comes from the repetitive, meditative drawing of patterns and shapes in the art making process.

- Exhibitions -

Selected solo & group exhibitions

2017 - Miniature, Collab Gallery, Sydney
2016 - Conversations With Time, Tiny Tailor Gallery, Sydney
2015 - She, Create or Die Sydney, Sydney
2014 - Art In Threads,  Brand X, Central Park, Sydney
2013 - Polar Refractions Solo Show, The Corner, Chippendale Sydney
2013 - Stimulate/Sedate, Art Pharmacy Group Show, Ambush Gallery
2013 - Ship Shape, Cake Wines Pop-Up Bar, Sydney
2012 - Cake Wines Archi-Bottle Finalist Exhibition, Sydney
2012 - O'Neill 60 Years of Innovation Tour, Paramount Building, Sydney
2011 - The Seat Project, Art & About Sydney
2011 - Subtext, Carriage Works Sydney
2010 - On the wall, Finders Keepers Markets Sydney
2010 - Disband, Ambush Gallery + No vacancy Gallery
2009 - Once Upon, Ambush Gallery
2009 - On the wall, Finders Keepers Markets Sydney

- Commissions & Awards -


2012 - Fjura X Amasia shop window mural
2012 - Cake Wines Archi-Bottle Competition, Rose Label
2012 - Top 25 finalist for Evolve Designer Rugs Competition
2009 - Quarterly Winner, Mooks / Monster Children art prize
2009 - Mural painting at the Mooks Store, Galleries Victoria Sydney

- Get in touch -

Feel free to contact me about any design projects, artist collaborations or just to say hi.